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In the second case, when nanoBase executes the macro, a work area the last available one is used, so it should not be closed or the macro execution will be stopped.

It is better to convert numbers into string before comparing them. Beside these limitations, there are many added functions to the standard language that make the programming easier. Macros for nanoBase are made with a reduced set of the Clipper syntax. The statements recognised from nanoBase are:. Beside these old report system there is another way to make a little bit complicated reports without making a complex macro: If you do not have this possibility, Info-ZIP can be found at: However there are netconfig to configure the network interface and pppconfig to configure a PPP connection over a switched line.

The ZipSlack distribution is just a part of the normal Slackware distribution. The main purpose of it was to be able to print text with variables typically names and addresses for every record of a particular. Appunti di informatica libera The integrated text editor. This may be the begin for a little program called macro inside nanoBase that can be executed as it is ASCIIor compiled into another format, faster to execute.


A dbcloseall will stop execution of the macro.

This material appnuti originally at http: Actually, you should observe what appears as: Pressing [ F1 ], normally, a contextual piece of the manual appears. The text may contain variables usually a field or an expression containing fields. This was made to help programming with nanoBase.

It recalls the dot line command of the old xBases. Comparison with floating point numbers may fail. It is possible to install addtional software, by using the normal packages of the Slackware distribution.

Please note that nanoBase recognise only expressions that is: You need to have a program to extract ZIP archives under Dos. To make a complex report some work is needed, but surely less than the time needed to make a report program.

Programming Tips and Tricks: Appunti di Informatica Libera [pdf]

Finally, ZipSlack can be used also when there is a reduced amount of central memory, by activating the virtual memory with the support of a file. If you prefer, you dj even install ZipSlack in another Dos device; the important thing is that the extration should always done in a root directory of that device.


The dot command line is the first face of nanoBase, the one that appears starting the program normally. Now the RPT system makes something more.

The reason is that this kind of installation is not very efficient and presents risks: ZIP [ Enter ].

«a2», ex «Appunti di informatica libera», ex «Appunti Linux»

EXE and similar disks cannot use its full performance potential;, just to avoid security problems. The result should be a C: Labels and forms may be created and edited inside nanoBase. Some standard functions have its own internal help, contained inside the. Appunti di informatica libera From this menu the operations are easier than writing all commands on a prompt line, but it is always possible to come back to the dot line to do an operation not available from the menu.

However, it is important not to do that while you are working with MS-Windows: This can be done by using the installpkg script, in the same way used for the normal Slackware distribution.