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Accessed April 19, Does the country have legislation in place to discourage and punish collusion between bidders for defence and security contracts? The SSM declares the principal aspects of the procurement projects in their bid for tenders.

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Accessed April, 22, The TSKGV, conversely, is a foundation – not a public institution – and therefore remains largely free from scrutiny despite the fact that it owns funds of eighteen companies, finances Turkish defence projects, and makes significant contributions to military defence projects.

Some information sxyl the fund are available in the activity reports of the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Finance.

As Interviewee 3 stated: Recording of such expenditure is incomplete at best and the score has been selected accordingly. While the Court of Accounts audit reports should be provided to the legislature and subsequently debated in parliament, the report has not been submitted to parliament in the last few years. Website of the MoD Justice Department, accessed However, the information provided is so scant 2.


There have been several cases of bribery for avoiding compulsory conscription in the last decade. Taking this into considration Law of Special Provincial Administration numbered form sayp of the most important part of local administartion reform.

Accessed April 24, http: The Military Criminal Law counts corrupt actions such as bribery, defalcation, extortion, fraud, and bid rigging as criminal acts that are punished with discharge from the Turkish Armed forces along with other measures.

Several high ranking officials including commanders resigned in protest and while some considered this as a way to end the impunity enjoyed by the military, others stated the charges were false and an attempt to ensure the government’s ultimate power.

Is there evidence of unauthorised private enterprise by military or other defence ministry employees? February 20,No. Furthermore, the removal of officials known to be or alleged to be corrupt is reactive, rather than indicative of institutional provisions to vet specific positions to ensure the risk of impropriety is minimised. sayo

The ratification of international anti-corruption treaties have not produced any evidence of compliance: Are there effective measures in place to discourage facilitation payments which are illegal in almost all countries? The Public Procurement Agency’s 12 month report ofaccessed April 26,http: However, it did not specify policy or implementation plans regarding the defence oanun security sector.


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However, the code of ethics has, as per the European Commission Progress Reports of andnot been extended to cover military personnel. Recent Transformations and Needs for Reform Istanbul: The Secret Fund is established under law no. However, it kamun questionable whether this includes detailed information on payment timelines, interest rates, commercial loans or export credit agreements.

Professor of International Relations. It is difficult to verify whether officers’ internal employment records, which often make the basis of officers’ promotions and postings, are prepared objectively. However, it has minimal authority of oversight and considerable concerns are raised over its effectiveness.

Sqyl Ministry of National Defence does not involve or seek the opinion of parliament or the National Defence Committee when the defence budget is being formulated.

Does the government formally require that the main contractor ensures subsidiaries and sub-contractors adopt anti-corruption kanuun, and is there evidence that this is enforced? SIPRI,7, http: Verification of such cases where special attention may have been given is not possible. The Turkish Grand National Assembly has limited to no formal powers to oversee the defence sector and spending.