• June 19, 2019

Buy Hiljadu cudesnih sunaca by Haled Hoseini (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Readers’ questions about Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca. 36 questions answered. Hiljadu cudesnih sunaca je nezaboravan portret jedne ranjene zemlje i istinski dirljiva prica o porodici i prijateljstvu. Istovremeno prelepa i teska, prica o jednom .

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Sam I will only answer this shortly. And that’s not to say that it’s only the ending that’s good- it’s more that, like the characters in the story, you just have to keep getting through the really painful stuff in order to appreciate the love and the good that’s formed there despite it all as well. Mariam Alaa rated it it was amazing Oct 16, This book was amazing.

In all his three books, Hosseini takes us to the real Afghanistan we did not know exists.

I just finished listening to this audiobook, only to realize it was the abridged version. He practiced medicine for over ten years, until a year and a half after the release of The Kite Runner. Books by Khaled Hosseini. Nana knew that Jalim had once rejected sunacz and his love for his illegitimate child was not whole hearted. Is this book better or worse than The kite runner?

Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in Madhushanka rated it really liked it Feb 28, Or simply consumed with grief because Mariam went to go see her father? Even before being sunaxa pregnant she was a lowly servant in the huge household of Jalim. The thing is, for much of the length of the book, I found …more Having just finished reading both, I actually had a hard time with this question personally.


Anusha Sridharan rated it it was amazing Jul 20, I compared the length of each 6 hours abridged, 11 hours unabridged And she was a patient of epilepsy and probably a mental patient too. I read The Kite Runner by this author. See Featured Authors Answering Questions.

He wants to explain the reason to Laila, but doesn’t finish the sentence. Courtney Caldwell rated it it was amazing Nov 26, Is it enough that I got the condensed version for free at the library, or cudesni it recommended that I splurge and buy the full version and start over? Inwhen Hosseini was 11 years old, Hosseini’s father obtained a job in Paris, France, and moved the family there.

Lovac na zmajeve / Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca / A planine odjeknuše by Khaled Hosseini

Then again, I did love the 10000 of Amir’s narration in The Kite Runner as well, and the first person narration was something I missed in ATSS until, again, the latter part of the book where I started to see a clear picture of how the structure of the book was being used to enhance the story.

Disha mehta rated it really liked it May 08, Return to Book Page. I love all his 3 novels. Want to Cduesnih Currently Reading Read.


Lovac na zmajeve / Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca / A planine odjeknuše

Most of all, this book made me think about love, and of loss. So both had a very powerful impact on me, but I still found myself longing for the balance between beauty and sadness in The Kite Runner over the horrible circumstances the characters had to endure in A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Load 5 more questions. Why did Nana kill herself? But Mariam unaware of the big bad world was consumed by curiosity and she decided to leave the Kolba inspite of her mother’s begging and threats. Leah Adamowicz rated it it was amazing Oct 13, This story is almost written as a first hand account of wars truest casualty.

The reality of Sharia Law. Jaymarc Divino rated it it was amazing Feb 10, So I think this one is better. It literally made me laugh and cry and while it was a page turner keeping me up at nights there were times I had to put it down because I could not endure reading more of their plight at that time.