• February 13, 2020

Editorial Reviews. Unknown. “Sexy, romantic, and addictive, Love Unscripted is a Cinderella Love Unscripted:The Love Series, Book 1 – Kindle edition by Tina Reber. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ I was told that this book basically felt a lot like Thoughtless minus Denny and boy were they freaking RIGHT!! For those of you who were also. Love Unscripted Tina Reber. Taryn Mitchell is a twenty seven year old tavern owner whose heart has been broken one too many times. Her last.

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Return to Book Page. She is a paradox. I’m not going to read any more of this book. Taryn herself is actually irritating me, because she has the whole “I’m a nobody who has been hurt to many times, I cannot and will not be loved or love or trust ever again” thing going. I’ve never read a book between a celebrity and a bar owner and it’s refreshing. Yes, there was instant attraction, but there was also caution, and fear, on both sides.

They didn’t seem to develop so much as we just learned new things about them. Oh, the very actresses she dismisses as self-absorbed, that’s who. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Review of “Love Unscripted” and “Love Unrehearsed” by Tina Reber | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

Nothing comes easy in life. By the end of this read, however I had tears running down my face and a box of Kleenex by my sideso many up and downs, so many twist, turns.

Her comments, her updates, pictures, her sense of humor, all very important when reading a book. Taryn has been hurt before and this makes it hard for her to trust again.


View all 12 comments. You are commenting using your WordPress. I like love you!!!!

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Where do I even begin with this book? Photograph by Stephanie Litter Reber. You really need to read and discover for yourself why this novel is so freaking great. I just think it’s too much for just the two of us. Oh, there’s no way he wants rdber be with mehe could have any lpve he wants. Lists with This Book. So far this book is killing me. I sure hope that the sequel will be subject to rigorous editing and proof-reading, that follows the rules of comma placement and gets rid of the over-excitement in the characters’ voices.

The main character seems like a bit of a contradiction.

That’s not the mood I’m in right now. There was really no character development for either Taryn or Ryan, kove I think really was the catalyst for the story feeling so unfulfilling to me.

These books — especially the second, have a LOT of sex in them. These people “smirk” at each other constantly.

I’m only like a quarter of the way through the book, and because I own it I feel like I have to finish it, but oh my Lord. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine a life where fans would chase him, paparazzi would stalk him, and Hollywood studios would want to own him. Bodyguards, screaming psychotic fans, paparazzi shoved in his face, while his ex is selling his life story to the rag-mags to make a quick buck.

Nov 30, Amber Conaway rated it it was amazing. Honestly I liked the characters all of them; Ryan, Taryn and her friends. Both characters were so real and likable. This is how a romance novel should be written!

Love Unscripted

I’m so excited there’s another book in this series. When he’s not unnecessarily enraged, however, he comes across as so disturbingly exuberant that I couldn’t help but picture him as one of those insanely perky people who are always so chipper. Their conversations go on and on and on how annoying the fans are, and how they don’t know Ryan for who he really is, and how Taryn has a hard time trusting that he truly loves her, and how A Wish For Us.


Every time I would think this is lovw, I’m going to finish the book today, I would find something else to read or do – like my Friday Night Lights episode binges.

Also, I am a huge fan of exclamation points, I dont apologize for that but even I thought they were so grossly over used, so much so that I was starting to think that Ryan was actually Armenian and just spoke loudly unscriptdd we do ; Done.

Love Unscripted (Love, #1) by Tina Reber

Five huge swoony stars? They make me what to hang out at the bar, playing poker and pool. How does this book have so many good reviews? Absolutely Love this story.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I’m sitting here sort of stunned by the exorbitantly high rating this book has received. A Novel Beautiful Disaster Series. Taryn, a tavern owner in a small town in Rhode Island, meets Ryan, a hot, famous movie star, when he’s fleeing from fans and happens to run into reberr door to hide.