• October 2, 2019

Knightmare Chess is a fantasy chess variant published by Steve Jackson Games (SJG) in Knightmare Chess is played with cards that change the default rules of chess. The cards might change how a piece moves, move opponent’s. Multiple variants are included in the rules. Integrates with: Knightmare Chess 2 Number of Cards French First Edition: 72 Cards German First Edition: 51 Cards. Multiple variants are included in the rules. The edition of Knightmare Chess includes the cards from both Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2.

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For example, a card called Demotion says:. It’s a whole new layer of strategy and knighttmare little rulrs randomness. Glad you guys are enjoying it! Apparently others can’t either, even those who don’t know chess well. He may have Crabwhich will allow his pawn to move forward diagonally, avoiding your blocking piece, or, much worse, Breakoutwhich allows him to capture by moving his pawn straight ahead!

At the beginning of Black’s move, he discards his card if he still has it. Your Web page is marvelous, thank you! Knightmare Chess Steve Jackson Games publishes in Summer a translation of the French Tempete sur l’Echiquiera set of cards, to be used in combination with a chess board.

Instead, let White take cheess first move, then turn three cards over, face up, next to the board. Saying “King” has no effect, as usual.

Each turn begins by discarding the card held, if any, then turning over a new card to reveal three cards, drawing one, and making your move. When the back rank is reached. I hadn’t played chess much in many years because it’s a bit too cerebral and abstract for me — I tend to go with lighter games with more flavorful backgrounds these days. In fact, the only group of people who might not like this game are very hard core chess nuts, who might consider it a desecration.


This is quite an achievement. Webarchive template wayback links.

Knightmare Chess

Can I bring back the Pawn piece? Is this considered a Rook move or a King move?

I can do without the cheap pun. Usually these are one-shot options — you may move a knight as if it were a queen for one turn, for example — but some last the whole game: Point values range from two to ten per card, with the average around six points.

Bruno Faidutti posted the following on the electronic news: It might be interesting to note that a similar looking game was announced to be published by Wizards of the Coast: Views Read Edit View history. It’s not, of course — you can tell the designers love chess as much as I do.

Knightmare chess rules, anyone? – game | Ask MetaFilter

Mon, 02 Apr That is, if you go for all eight- to ten-point, heavy-duty crushing cards, you still can’t really expect to win quickly. Knightmare Chess introduces some randomness into chess, but in a very good, semi-controlled sense. The game is out of official development as ofand while there is a FAQ and errata at the official site http: If you try this, your card will be discarded with no effect.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Tabletop Simulator. In the basic game, each player takes roughly half the deck, and builds a point hand. A stand-alone 80 card expansion called Series 2 was scheduled for a December release.

See all 8 collections some may be hidden. Each card has a point value, so you can build custom decks based on an agreed point total, or handicap the match so the knighhtmare player has fewer cards. Steve Jackson asked me this in December, This variant makes for a very nerve-wracking game, as you can see in advance what your opponent can do to you, and you hope he doesn’t see the same possibilities.

Is this not what you’re looking for? The Knightmare Chess rules urge you to build your deck according to your playing style.


Or players can play from a common deck, taking whatever chance deals them! There are so many cards that will allow you to return captured pieces that it’s actually nice that there are some captured pieces to bring back!

It is only visible to you. This may be done to prevent your opponent from getting the card. It’s an excellent game. Unfortunately, while I have all of the cards, I no longer have a copy of the official rules. With Steve, one has to be careful — he likes to play and win lots of different games. Do you go for a lot of low-point cards, or just a smaller number of high-point cards?

But my suspicions were totally unfounded.

Steam Workshop :: Knightmare Chess (Complete Set)

Can I play a regular card to deliver checkmate if I think my opponent has a card that will let him escape checkmate? Tough question, but I’d say hang on to at least two of them. The reason I play chess is because it gives the feeling of a medieval battle. Black looks the cards over, and chooses one. Same effect, and you are checkmated since you have no legal move. The French original version had a cartoonish tone, unlike the English version, and the cards in the French original version are also different from the English version.

And just to keep you from straying too far in the other direction, I’ll also add that the fewer cards you have, the quicker you’ll run out, and there’s no reshuffling the deck in Knightmare Chess. The rules are simple and plainly written.

It is still considered played; the player must discard it and draw a new card.