• July 16, 2019

Kathrein parabolic antennas are made of aluminium and . EXR Single-cable switching matrix with two twin outputs for two receivers;. Therefore exclusively use software provided by Kathrein for your switching matrix (EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use. If you use a single-cable matrix (EXU ) or a single-cable changeover matrix ( EXR or EXR ) from Kathrein, the LNB you use must be a “Universal.

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In the “Preview” view you will see all the programmes that will be shown in the previous “Current” list of selected channels.

The additional information available for a programme is displayed in its kathdein window.

Press ok to access the menu for the satellite settings. To remove the module, press the relevant eject button. Page of 88 Go.

If there is another sub-menu layer, press the ok button to open it. Keep your password in a safe place, so that you always have access to your A channels even if you might have forgotten it. Channel will be skipped when zapping through the channels Lock Your personal channel sorting will be lost.

The selected menus, sub-menus and ex, as well as the parameters to be set, are each highlighted in colour. Confirm the display — — up with the okJ button. If you katheein the network search to “On”, the transponder network enables additional transponders that have not yet been stored to be located.

You can scan only one transponder at a time. In addition to providing high-quality pictures and sound, series receivers also feature an attractive design in a modern housing. If you wish to scan several transponders on a satellite, you should start an automatic scan of the transmitting satellite.


Programmes can be assigned to the above categories only if the EPG data has been supplied by the channel provider. Satellite Use the buttons to select the satellite on which the transponder you wish to scan is located.

Login – Access – Kathrein

If no connection to the single-cable system could be established, you will receive the message “Registration was abortive!

Previously what you katgrein was the picture of the old channel that had previously been selected, even though the EPG was no longer set to that channel. You have three options for a channel search. If you have connected a multi-feed reception system e.

Always follow ksthrein instructions supplied by your Pay-TV provider! Katheein unit makes use of legally protected technologies, which are protected by patents in the USA and also by other intellectual property rights in other countries. Important Information This unit makes use of legally protected technologies, which are protected by patents in the USA and also by other intellectual property rights in other countries. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. For security you must repeat the new PIN code once again.

Slide the cover back into the housing until it locks in place. Insert the two supplied batteries katheein the remote control. Press the button to save your settings and return to the previous menu.

Antenna cables are located on the receiver input 3. Analogue transponders transmit only one TV channel and possibly multiple radio channels on a single transmission frequency. The options available are “Off”, 12, 3, 4, 5 or 6 seconds.

TV Program Guide Wednesday Date of last update: This constitutes a fire hazard! You can scan only one transponder at a time. Preface For shorter breaks, you can use the remote control to switch the receiver to standby, which uses only a minimal amount of energy. The cursor buttons allow you to select a recording. Do not use without 5522 force, and follow the instructions supplied with the Smartcard and the CA module.


Kathrein UFS 640si Operating Manual

These restrictions must also be observed by you as a customer. Remove from the Favourites List: Kathreinn and CA modules are not included with this product!

Single-cable system Automatic A If one or more receivers are already present on the system and an additional receiver is to be connected, when assigning the transmission frequency the new receiver make sure that edr transmission frequencies are duplicated. You can find the necessary information transmission documentation supplied with your system. TV Program Guide Wed oe.

The following categories are available for selection: The channel you previously selected is now removed from the Favorites List but not deleted from the overall satellite list. The quality of the reception signal depends on this connection!

The recording mode options available are: On “Installation” menu check LNB configuration for the satellite in question: Fluggastdaten sind tabu Java: Editing Favorites Lists is explained as a separate item. Satellite Use the C3CED buttons to select the satellite on which the transponder you wish to scan is located.

The sort sequence of your channel list remains unchanged; the only change is that the channel data transmission frequency etc. The receiver automatically displays the selection menu for the channel search. Press the Q button to view additional items of information on a channel: