• July 25, 2020

First Fragment[edit]. It came to pass in the days of Herod, King of Judaea under the high priest Caiaphas, that John came and baptized with the. The Ebionites had a very early version of the Gospel of Matthew. There were many versions and editions of the gospels. Alternate title: The Hebrew Gospel. c. C.E.. The only remaining fragments of the Gospel of the Ebionites are preserved in the form of citations by the.

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We wish we had the whole Gospel. We have only these eight fragments that Epiphanius quotes. We wish we knew who actually used the Gospel. It is almost impossible to say from what remains. One big question is whether, since it was used by the Ebionites — according to Epiphanius, it had a particular bias in its reporting of the words and deeds of Jesus. Some of the church fathers indicate that the name came from the founder of the group Ebion.

I hope to get more of your insights on the lesser known early christian writings.

Gospel of the Ebionites

I wish I had that kind of work ethic. I love watching your debates on YouTube btw, it amazes me that anyone would debate you.

Could an Ebionite tue of temple sacrifice be sour grapes of a group who had been rejected by the priestly class and driven away from the temple: To jump on the speculation wagon… this makes one wonder just how much of this Gospel has filtered into the mainstream traditions in the Christian church today with its rejection of the Torah and harmonization of the NT Gospels.


It does make one wonder…. Or did they mean Aramaic?

I think the idea of a truncated form of Matthew would not be hard to accept but is there any evidence there was an Aramaic literary layer in the development of the gospels? Next spring is the date for the end time. How do I know?

The gospel of the Ebionites.

Vermes mean to say that the core disciples of Jesus viewed resurrection as a spiritual revival but Paul, who was a latecomer to the party, interpreted it to be a bodily revival and since he left the most indelible impact on future Christianity, it became the orthodox belief about this very puzzling event?

Would love to get your views on this, either as a reply or in one of your future posts. Jesus came alive to his disciples. Others who say something like you summarized mean that the original disciples believed in a spiritual but not a physical resurrection.

So why would they need to be destroyed?

ot Becase there was more than one Jewist sect in the 1st century. I think you will find that it was the Nazarene who were against animal sacrifices they sacrificed their hair instead. Remember it was Jesus, who was a Nazarene, who drove out the animal sacrifices from the Temple.

So although Jesus wanted to preserve the Law every jot and tittlehe nevertheless wanted to end animal sacrifice. Not to become a veggie, of course, for Jesus was still noted as being a glutton and wine-biber — just to end animal sacrifice. It would appear that Josephus Flavius was also against animal sacrifice, and that as the last-Jew-standing after the siege of Jerusalem he would have wielded considerable power in the region.

And correct me if I am wrong, but the Jews stopped all animal sacrifices at this time. Note that Saul was also a Nazarene, and so if Saul was Josephus Flavius, as I have argued, then it would not be so surprising that Josephus wanted to end animal sacrifice — and had the power and influence backed by Rome to do so.


What about Pythagorean or some other Hellenistic influence? Origen had his theory of the transmigration of the egionites.

The gospel of the Ebionites.

Some of the sayings of Jesus have been interpreted to support reincarnation. Which per the standard historical critical method would suggest their authenticity. So he was driving out symbolically the current regime in preparation and announcement of the coming Kingdom of Heaven when he would come back as the Davidic Messiah …. Ebionitez would then explain why in Islam Jesus is special as a prophet, though human, and Mary is mentioned some six times, including as the woman blessed above all others.

Do you have thoughts on this topic? You must be logged in to post a comment. The Ebionites and their Gospel. You need to be logged in to see this part of the content. Please Login to access. So he was driving out symbolically the current regime in preparation and announcement of the coming Kingdom of Heaven when he would come back off the Davidic Messiah … 3 There are also reports that Mohammed was influenced by Ebionite Arab Gpspel, as Ebionite communities survived quite late in that part of the teh.