• November 5, 2019

This manual provides guidance for planning and executing training on the mm Mseries rifle (M16A1/A2/A3/A4) and M4 carbine. It is a guide for. M16/A2 and M4 FM Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Department of the Army. (, August). Rifle marksmanship M/M4-series weapons (FM ). Washington, DC: Author. Dyer, J. L., Schaefer, P. S., Bink, .

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Two primary components form the training strategy: These individuals should be used to train other unit cadre by conducting preliminary rifle instruction and live-fire exercises for their soldiers.

Features that differentiate the EST from other systems are superior accuracy and state of the art graphics.

Shot groups indicate no firer error. The M cartridge is a center-fire cartridge with a grain, gilded metal-jacketed, lead alloy core bullet. Ejection of a cartridge is an element in the cycle of functioning of the rifle, regardless of the mode of fire. As the firer’s rirle improve and as timed or multiple targets are presented, he must learn to control his breath at any part of the breathing cycle.

To slide the shield beyond a cutout, or to remove it, apply thumb pressure to the center of the spring latch and slide it in the desired direction.

FM 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4, M4 CARBINE

The instructor-trainer then analyzes the shot group to confirm problem areas. The targets shown in Figure represent unacceptable firing performance. With selector lever pointing toward SAFE, allow bolt to go forward by pressing upper portion of bolt catch. The training base can expect the same personnel changes as any other organization. Do your soldiers demonstrate proficiency during night- fire, target detection and acquisition, and night fire engagement techniques?


If the M68 is remounted onto the same notch, it will retain zero.

When the selector lever Figure is set on the AUTO position, the rifle continues to fire as long as the trigger is held back and ammunition is in the magazine. The firer is marksmansyip to detect his errors and to explain his firing procedure to include position, aiming, breath control, and trigger squeeze.

The action of the rifle is much faster than human reaction; therefore, markzmanship firer cannot release the trigger fast enough to prevent multiple firing. Conduct of Short-Range Marksmanship Training The three- round shot group allows the firer’s performance to be evaluated.

The shot must be fired before the soldier feels any discomfort. Then adjust the elevation knob one more click clockwise. If the chamber surface is damaged, the entire barrel must be replaced. What qualification course will be used to evaluate your unit’s marksmanship readiness small arms? They can also use it to develop the NCOs into subject matter experts within the unit.

Additional mechanical training is available in TM to include disassembly, maintenance, assembly, loading, and sight manipulation. Usually, tapping the butt of the rifle on a hard surface causes the cartridge to fall rofle of the chamber. The TWS is capable of target acquisition under conditions of limited visibility such as darkness, smoke, fog, dust, and haze.


Full text of “FM Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A, M16A4, and M4 Carbine”

Demonstrate the integrated act of firing while using the Weaponeer device. Rotate the windage knob 5 to align the index mark 6 on the meter aperture with the long center index line on the rear sight assembly.

Place selector lever on SAFE. Can your soldiers accurately battle sight zero their assigned rifle to standards? Carbon or Fouling Buildup. This reduces the effect of recoil and helps ensure a steady position. This position provides the most stable platform for engaging targets Figure Search the history of over billion f pages on the Internet.

This is a failure of a cartridge to fire despite the fact that a round has been chambered, the trigger pulled, and the sear released the hammer. Personnel turnover is a main factor in decay of collective skills, since the loss of critical team members requires retraining to regain proficiency. Position of the Coach. The soldier must successfully dry-fire his weapon six consecutive times without the washer falling to the ground.

The sight picture includes two basic elements: