• July 10, 2019

At the dawn of the Impergium, the Bone Gnawers were not a tribe, but a caste: the omega wolves, shamed, weak, castaways. The greatest in station gained the. A list of all Bone Gnawers tribe Gifts for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, compiled from all source books, using the revised edition of books when available. For Bone. Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers are the two tribes that dare call the scab like cities their homes. However unlike the Glass Walkers, the Bone.

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Bone Gnawers | Caerleon oWoD Chronicle Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He might empty an ATM account, or lend the Gnawer is car. Both tribes struck out against the ratkin during the Shattering and the decades thereafter. The other tribes saw these rejects as expendable, and once the Gnawers believed that their sacrifice could earn respect. Rite of No Trespassing does the same thing, but allows many werewolves to cooperate, making the Willpower roll more difficult.

Living in the city, the Gnawers develop a few cultural quirks. Sample Characters posted by pospysyl Original SA post This tribebook takes a different tack for their sample characters, not recommending them as PCs at all. The Bone Gnawer can bnawers his probably already formidable body odor to the point that it debilitates any who can smell it.

Kin can be found among any race or nationality in the world, but most such lost souls come from squalid, or at least struggling, backgrounds. It gnaweers draw the attention of some unsavory types, though, so it can be dangerous. Kinfolk Gnawers often congregate in urban packs for their own protection, adopting runaways, street kids, drifters and the homeless into their streetwise gangs.

The Hillfolk are werewolf hillbillies and the Maneaters are werewolf cannibal hillbillies. ggnawers

These creatures will not attack humans mindlessly. A camp that is only seen as an “Urban Legend” among the other tribes, only the Gnawers wish that it was really so. Of course, if the projectile hits, this means it may also do extra damage.

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It welcomes werewolves with a political bent, particularly the Black Furies and the Children gnawerx Gaia. The effects last for a full week.

Bone Gnawer

This Gift does not function in the wilderness, since the Bone Gnawers have lost the knack for conversing with such spirits easily. Three successes either answer all three questions or give more detailed information about one of them: We shall shelter you from the night!

A wanderlust spirit teaches the Gift. Certain Gifts can prevent a Veil break. At the dawn of the Impergium, the Bone Gnawers were not a tribe, but a caste: Spirits will do a lot for just the right piece gmawers Junk. The Bone Gnawer can cause wood and appear to rot with astonishing speed. Its followers are compelled by optimism about the future of the nation and gnawerss themselves.

Garou have been known to use this Gift to pull one of their own out of the thrall of frenzy, or to incapacitate a crazed wolf without permanent injury. Getting pushed off a building is a bitch.

While Glass Walkers lay claim to some of the most valuable real estate in the city, the Bone Gnawers stalk through some of the worst. Riot Rank 5 Bone Gnawers Gift This Gift summons a horde of malevolent spirits to provoke the inhabitants of a city into violent rioting. What is a humorous anecdote in the hands of humans becomes a deadly weapon in the claws of a Bone Gnawer.

Gluttony Rank 5 Bone Gnawer Gift The Bone Gnawer can open his jaws far wider than is normally physically possible, and can swallow things or beings whole. Bone Gnawers find this Gift useful for securing ritual spaces, setting up ambushes while preserving the Litany, gnawfrs finding a place to sleep for the night.

Most Gnawers know or learn how to use protection. All the trash nearby assails the target of this Gift, making life difficult. Loot forms are better than Junk forms, for the most part. The Rite of the Questing Stone, for instance, can be performed with a compass and wire, rather than a rock and string.


More aggressive Ahroun Gnawers specialize in terrorism. They keep to gnnawers human forms, all the better to not arouse suspicion.

Ellison says that all the Gnawers have to offer is cardboard stew, but Bonecrusher points out that showing disgust at a gift of food from a starving man is gnawes dick move. Your high horse talk doesn’t do a damn bit of good if you don’t have the gumption to back it up.

Whether the Gnawers will help the weak through Armageddon or attack the Wyrm in a death swarm is unclear.

One gnawdrs reveals a brief sensory impression with any one sense other than sight. Yes, come and tell me! The Gift incapacitates its target by overwhelming its sense of smell with the stink of bohe city: Or corrupt political figures? The Warders of Men and Children of Gaia had no such prohibition, however.

That Garou can fashion any ordinary cardboard box into a waterproof, noise-resistant and insulated home.

FATAL & Friends — Tribebook: Bone Gnawers

Introduction posted by pospysyl Original SA post. Therefore, generosity is an important measure of status within bonw tribe. Rite of Man Taint is a contested roll to find out whether a werewolf ate a human. For more mundane creatures, like humans, crossing the boundary automatically warns the Garou, who may consciously decide whether to wake up.

Bone Gnawers

The Garou can mark a person or place with a scent only other werewolves can sense. They are masters of begging and groveling, both in human blne Garou society. His consciousness is spread through every individual trash pile, dumpster, and land fill in the world. A Wyldling-spirit teaches this Gift.