• November 26, 2019

Lab: Bertillon Measurement. Click link to view the file. ← Case Study Conviction Through Enhanced Fingerprint Identification. Bertillon Lab Activity. By using measuring tapes, students measured the length of their torsos, length of arm from elbow to middle finger and hand from wrist to. Side One. Side Two. Arrest card, ca. Collection of the National Law Enforcement Museum, Washington, D.C.. An arrest card for 17 year old.

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Law enforcement agencies began to create archives of records of bertilln criminals, which contained his or her anthropometric measurements, as well as full-face and profile photographs of the perpetrator now commonly known as “mugshots,” which are still in use today. He’d served his earlier sentence under the name William West and was now using the name Will West.

Bertillon System

The young Alphonse Bertillon had trouble settling on a career—he spent some time in medical school but left after passing the first exam—so his father used his influence to get Alphonse a post in the police prefecture, which he assumed on March 15, Kaluszynski Primarily, investigators used the Bertillon system to determine if a bertilln in custody had been involved in previous crimes.

Bill of Materials Powerpoint.

Many artifacts in the collection of the Museum serve to document the history of criminal identification techniques, including those used in earlier centuries and decades but which were superseded by more advanced and accurate scientific techniques.

These abbreviations allowed the Bertillon operator to provided detailed physical descriptions on the limited space of the Bertillon card.

Bertillon System – Dead Media Archive

Bertillon anticipated these problems, writing a strongly-worded message in his instruction manual directed towards all those who would consider meddling with his finally tuned methods:. File – Forensic Science.

Kittler does, however, point to a common theme in with regards to metric photography—the interaction between art and surveillance: It was eventually displaced by fingerprint analysis, although Bertillon measurements were commonly used in conjunction with fingerprinting into the early decades of the 20th century. Alphonse Bertillon was a French criminologist who first developed this anthropometric system of physical measurements of body parts, especially components of the head and face, to produce a detailed description of an individual.


Let’s combine math with forensics to see how. We could point to both the positive and negative aspects of Facebook—and social networking sites generally—as examples of what Agamben has in mind here—the sublimation of psycho-somatic existence into a purely digital life of information online.

Lab: The Bertillon Anthropometric System

Anthropometrics relied upon the recorder being exact in his measurements. Subsequent investigation disclosed that William West was already incarcerated in the facility as of September 9, Complete the following chart below.

Introduction to Forensics Lab: List at least 2 reasons why the Bertillon system is not and accurate tool to use as evidence in forensics. Thanks to a French genius, errors of identification will soon cease to exist not only in France but also in the entire world. We might protest that it is precisely these emotional implications that delineate humanity, that to lose these burdens is to lose the burden of being human.

The choice of features to be measured had to be based on their non-correlation as well as on their fixity and clarity.

Lab: The Bertillon Anthropometric System

List the individuals name, height, and foot length. During his in-processing, the records clerk obtained Will West’s Bertillon measurements and photograph. Let us look at the three distinct parts of the Bartillonage process in some detail. Metric Photography, Bertillon System: Although Foucault is not referring to Bertillon here, the quotation is all too applicable:.

This was the system of so-called anthropometry, invented at the end of the 19th century by a clerk in the Paris police prefecture, one Alphonse Bertillon. Do you see a pattern? Retrieved from ” http: Will West denied ever being incarcerated at the facility. Kaluszynski describes the crucial difference between descriptive photography and previous iterations of the medium: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.


The individual, perhaps for the first time, began and ended at its skin and bones. We will leave these sticky moral and ontological questions for future generations of media archeologists to pursue. The third component of the Bertillonage process was photography.

The prison officials pulled the earlier record and compared West to the photograph that had been taken earlier. Cole describes how the measurement process would have worked lsb any routine arrest at the time: Everyone was completely convinced that Will West was indeed the same man as William West.

David Kishik and Stefan Pedatella. His theory was that each person is highly individual.

Will West continued to deny that the William West card was his. The power over biological life was now at fingertips of the police investor in the archive.

The Bertillon system in its un-bastardized lxb is to say, when it was practiced by Bertillon himself and a few close associates—was a resounding success; when, however, the system was exported all around the world, the results were much less promising. Bertillon System of Criminal Identification. Measure the length of the adult’s left foot from the wall to the tip of the big toe. Recent opinions suggest that Will and William West were related, therefore the closeness in measurements.

Cole, correctly by all accounts, argues for precisely the opposite hierarchy of Bertillonage components as Kittler: Suppose you find a footprint that is.