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Against Civilization. Readings and Reflections Enlarged Edition. Edited By John Zerzan. Illustrated By R.L. Tubbesing. With mass poisonings, global warming. A new anthology edited by the anarchist philosopher John Zerzan, Against Civilization: Readings and Reflections. The book is composed of. Against Civilization Readings & Reflections John Zerzan, editor Introduction 4 Section One: Before Civilization fi Roy Walker: The Golden Feast ( ) 7.

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Primitivism by Brian Oliver Sheppard”. We are discussing a life where one gives joy to others through the mere act of being, where exchange of gifts is a way of life, where one’s routine has inherent meaning, not because it makes reference to some symbolic system, but because it opens one out onto kairos, the profound moment, the experience of ambience, awe.

A restless minority went wandering.

They feasted and celebrated and played, full-time, except when they slept. Sadly, it didn’t even live up to that. The action of brutes upon the material world is slow and gradual, and usually limited, in civilizatoon given case, to a narrow extent of territory.

John Zerzan – Wikipedia

The “naturals” seem to be a civil and gentle folk: Then first of all began the air with fervent heat to swelt; Then icicles hung roping down; then, for the cold was felt, Men ‘gan to shroud themselves in house; their houses were the thicks. Men, dispersed among the animals, observe and imitate their industry, and thereby develop in themselves the instinct of the Beasts; with the advantage that whereas each species has only its own proper instinct, man perhaps having none that belongs to him appropriates them all to himself, feeds himself equally well with most of the diverse foods which the other animals share, and consequently finds his subsistence more easily than any of them can.

In his essay on number, for example, Zerzan starts by contrasting the “civilized” emphasis on counting and measuring with a “primitive” emphasis on sharing, citing Dorothy Lee ‘s work on the Trobriand Islanders in support, before constructing a narrative of the rise of number through cumulative stages of state domination, starting with the desire of Egyptian kings to measure what they ruled.

The mere existence of this fact poses an important question to modern medicine and should arouse serious thought and consideration.

Against Civilization : Readings and Reflections

Richard Rubenstein found that the Holocaust “bears witness to the advance of civilization,” a chilling point further developed by Zygmunt Bauman in his Modernity and the Holocaust. In friendly Indians showed another expedition evidence that some of the missing colonists had revisited the site of the old fort, but so unthinkable was the alternative of survival through merging that this hint too was left unexamined. Sep 02, Lance Grabmiller rated it did not like it.


Next after this succeeded straight the third and brazen age: In the absence of corn-craving animals, the natives felt no need to fence their acres, an effort that in any event would have been wasted in their periodic removes to new ground. Together these two groups left Croatoan, which was only a seasonal home for the natives, and moved inland by slow stages, away from the hostiles of the Outer Banks area.

And even the missionaries, to say nothing againsy their lay captors, seemed ashamed of the pathetic show these converts made. Like, given the popularity of the arguments: For the fear of possession does not make sense by itself, as wilderness travelers Joseph Conrad and Cart Jung knew so well. Will there be other Civilizattion The concept of justice should not be overlooked in considering the Unabomber phenomenon.


The Civilizationn course makes assumptions peculiarly appropriate to market economies, that man’s wants are great, not to say infinite, whereas his means are limited, although improvable. Zerzan was associated with the Eugene, Oregon anarchist scene. I know you live in odd times when you’re reading a letter from the unabomber and you realize you are nodding you’re head with what he wrote back in Two interpretations of this supposed lack of foresight are possible: With regard to illnesses, I shall not repeat the vain and false declamations against Medicine made by most People in good health; rather, I shall ask whether there is any solid observation aaginst which one might conclude that in Countries where this art is most neglected, the average life of man is shorter than in those where it is cultivated with the greatest care.

He has broken up the mountain reservoirs, the percolation agianst whose waters through unseen channels supplied the fountains that refreshed his cattle and fertilized his fields; but he has neglected to maintain the cisterns and the canals of irrigation which a wise antiquity had constructed to neutralize the consequences of its own imprudence.

Some subjects of his criticism include domesticationlanguagesymbolic zerzaan such as mathematics and art and the concept of time.

Against Civilization : John Zerzan :

A fair case can be made that hunters often work much less than we do, and rather than a grind the food quest is intermittent, leisure is abundant, and there is more sleep in the daytime per capita than in any other conditions of society. Fons Jena rated it really liked it Oct 29, On the baffled and trackless Soto expedition there were numerous deserters, notably from a white point of view Francisco de Guzman, bastard son of a Seville hidalgo; a hidalgo named Mancano; and another named Feryada, a Levantine.


Crucially, the category of primitives is restricted to pure hunter-gatherer societies with no domesticated plants or animals. Man pursues his victims with reckless destructiveness; and while the sacrifice of life by the lower animals is limited by the cravings of appetite, he unsparingly persecutes, even to extirpation, thousands of organic forms which he can not consume.

By the summer of 1 he had usurped his partner’s prerogatives in a settlement venture near the present town of Quincy and was master of a heterogeneous group of indentured servants and local Indians. There’s the lake of stew.

Wherever he plants his foot, the harmonies of nature are turned to discords. A Library of Books.

Which is something like the philosophy of the Penan of Borneo: One zrzan go on almost endlessly charting the boredom, depression, immiseration. He received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and later received a master’s degree in History from San Francisco State University. Primal peoples were in touch with this profoundness, and organized their life around it.

These were presumed to have so little stake in civilization that their actions could more easily be disregarded againet their Spanish masters.

It is true that if the woman should die, the child greatly risks dying with her; but this danger is common to a hundred other species, whose young are for a long time unable to go and seek their nourishment themselves.

The quality of things ceases to be their essence and becomes the accidental appearence of their value. When he died “old and crazy,” the English were satisfied that this threat no longer existed. Zegzan tests are presently taking place on Air Force jets.

The conservative majority, profoundly satisfied with nature’s unstinting generosity, happy in their accomplishments, at peace with themselves and the world, had no reason to leave their home.

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